Episode 11: Are you good enough? Mental wellness with Kara Vojcsik

What brings your life worth? What about Karma? Dealing with losses and disappointments. Kids without grit. When bad things happen in life. Making life fair for children, or giving the children the skills to deal with an unfair life. Anxiety, vulnerability, failure, success. No matter what happens, … [Read more...]

Episode 10: Jorge Sauma – The Pura Vida style

In 1963, two men stood near a Lake on a ranch in the Costa Rican jungle. One of them was from a little town in central Missouri and one was from the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. As they worked cattle and horses they had no idea that over 50 years later they would each have a grandson, that would … [Read more...]

Episode 9: The Legendary Brent Wright

Winning over a million dollars riding horses in reining competitions, Brent Wright, from Ottawa, KS is not your average horse trainer. Listen to he and Cal as they discuss bring successful with horses, learning about riding, being able to laugh at yourself, eating what’s in front of you, telling … [Read more...]

Episode 8: Matt Miskie – Oh My Pennsylvania Home

She does what she does, and she’s different every day. Land-a-Goshen. It’s alive and waiting to be ridden, but it’s no animal. In order to really get good at something, you've got to be dedicated to it. Where are the last Clydesdales? What’s the deal with marriage? There’s something about riding … [Read more...]

Episode 7: Will Ride for Food

“After Meeting Ray Hunt I knew two things for sure.” Race horse legends Easy Jet, Go Man Go, Rocket Wrangler. Cal has a new redshirt freshman co-host to introduce this podcast episode. On the episode Terry Smith talks about working on a Texas ranch in 40’s. Learning about horses and dogs from your … [Read more...]

Episode 6: Coach the child, not the sport

What is the problem with youth sports? Is physical literacy as important as reading? Why do kids need to fail? What should you say to kids after a game? Why do 70% of kids quit sports before age 13? What can we do to start kids on a healthy and active path for their life? Should kids specialize in … [Read more...]

Episode 5: But people always believe what you do

“I heard you’re going out west”, he said “Where are you going?” I told him I didn’t know where. “Can I go with you?” he said. Cal has a conversation with an old friend about learning to ride, reining horse shows, adventures with porcupines, the construction business and more. Download … [Read more...]

Episode 4: Connect with nature for awhile

Killer bees, honey bees, and gentle sweet stingless bees that make delicious honey. Cal talks with biologist Johan van Veen of the National University of Costa Rica about the history, benefits, and joys of beekeeping. Do you realize how important bees are to our world's ecosystem? UNA - Universidad … [Read more...]

Episode 3: If not me, who can it be?

Choose to be happy, love your life, save the turtles, protect the environment, but beware of crocodiles and crazy religious beliefs. Cal visits with the manager of a 4,700 acre Costa Rican refuge called Cirenas. They talk about the importance of permaculture, and protecting our beaches. Download … [Read more...]

Episode 2: Listen to what drives you

Why not quit college to travel the world? Cal talks with a speech/language pathologist from Holland who ended up in Central America. Download Podcast Are you enjoying the Horses and Life podcast, and would you like to see it continue to be a success? Please consider becoming a supporter by … [Read more...]