Episode 11: Are you good enough? Mental wellness with Kara Vojcsik

What brings your life worth? What about Karma? Dealing with losses and disappointments. Kids without grit. When bad things happen in life. Making life fair for children, or giving the children the skills to deal with an unfair life. Anxiety, vulnerability, failure, success. No matter what happens, how do we learn to be ok? Are you a snow plow parent? Do you try to be a snow plow horse rider? What is mindfulness? Meditation and mental health. Are you showing up for your life? Self control, gratitude. Who needs therapy? Finding inner peace. Not letting your happiness be decided by things you can’t control.

Have a listen, as licensed clinical social worker Kara Vojcsik and Cal have a discussion hitting on all these topics, plus a few more.

More about Kara Vojcsik.

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