Brangus Cattle

The Middleton family is proud to be in the business of raising registered Brangus Cattle.

Cal’s grandparents, Jesse and Iona Dowdy, had a major part in developing the Brangus breed and Jesse worked for the International Brangus Breeders Association to ensure it’s growth and development during the early years of the IBBA. He traveled over 1 million miles in less than a decade, meeting with Brangus enthusiasts and promoting the breed. He was the backbone of the Brangus breed for many years and was hailed as “Mr. Brangus” by an article published in the Furrow magazine just a few years before his death in 2001.

Cal spent a lot of quality time with his Grandpa on the farm as a young man and developed a passion for livestock. He rode his first horse while holding around his Grandpa’s waist and because of those unforgettable summers, Cal has built a business around those ideals.

Katie and Jerry now keep an eye on the Dowdy’s cattle while Cal has developed his own herd starting from a heifer that Jesse gave him in the summer of 1992 as Cal was a 10 yr old boy working on the farm. There are countless other friends and family with their own quality set of cattle all stemming from the herd Jesse and Iona spent their lives building. Iona still resides on the farm in Ulman, MO as well as her son-in-law and daughter Dale and Leone Herring, who have been a part of the family farm for many years.
Every year the Middletons have for sale quality Brangus bulls, heifers, and cows. These are a part of the oldest registered family of Brangus cattle in the world. The cattle are now in Kearney, MO.