Clinic Schedule & Information

The FOUNDATION class will consist of ground work and some light riding, depending on the students. We will discuss the foundational principles of getting to the horses mind in order to gain better control of the feet. We discuss how correct groundwork relates to riding. In this class we can work on numerous things, such as changing eyes, trailer loading, use of proper gear and equipment, catching a horse, round pen work, in hand work, leading a horse in and around barns and paddocks, etc. Those who participate in the foundation class only are encouraged to stay and audit the Horsemanship and/or Stockmanship and Colt Starting class at no extra cost, in order to gain a better understanding of the connection of ground work and riding.

The HORSEMANSHIP class is a continuation of the foundation class. In the Horsemanship class, we start mounted and only do a small amount of groundwork if deemed necessary for safety. The class consists of gaining better control of our horses feet through feel, timing, and balance. We work on building confidence with our horses, and helping the riders and horses react favorably to stressful and exciting situations. We work on straightness, different forms of transitions, and ways of moving the hindquarters and the front end. Cal will take into consideration, the riders in each clinic and adjust accordingly. Those who are only able to attend the Horsemanship class are encouraged to come and audit the Foundation class at no extra cost, in order to have a deeper understanding of their horses.

The STOCKMANSHIP / CATTLE WORKING class is for riders interested in putting their horsemanship skills to use for a practical purpose. It is a continuation of the Horsemanship class and gives utility to those skills gained in the foundation and horsemanship. Main focal points are understanding flight zone and balance point and using those ideas to move cattle. Learning to work out of a rodear is often an important part of this class, as well as learning how your horses position affects the cattle. This class is designed to give riders and horses more opportunities and exposure and a reason to gain confidence and improve the relationship between horse and rider. This class can benefit the working Cowboy, a rancher, English rider, the weekend trail rider, and everything in between.

INTRODUCTION TO RANCH ROPING class is for those interested in just a few of the fundamental elements of Buckaroo style ranch roping and some of the preparations and safety precautions taken to get your horse ready to be roped on. This class often consists of roping the dummy, preparing the horses with ground work, dragging a log, dallying exercises, and more. At times live cattle will be used. This class is focused on safety and preparation.

Those attending the Introduction to Ranch Roping class are strongly encouraged to ride in the foundation, horsemanship, and stockmanship classes as well.

COLT STARTING class is for green horses to learn to accept a saddle and rider and/or for those horses with serious or dangerous issues not suitable for the other classes. In this class Cal helps people get a good start on their horses, often working them horseback. The focus in this class is to help the horse develop self-regulation and expose it to a new way of thinking and teach horses how to handle stress. Most horses will learn to accept a saddle and rider during this class or will begin the process of self-regulation. This is often the most insightful class to truly learn how horses think, how they learn, and how they can begin to change.

YOUTH CLASS is for students 18 and under. The class runs 45-60min max. It focuses on safety, foundational horsemanship and basic handling. Generally, includes some groundwork and some riding. 

RANCH CLINICS give the participants an opportunity to work on new skills in a practical setting. 

The intention of a Ranch Clinic is to be out of the arena as much as possible and often doing real jobs on the ranch itself, gathering and sorting cattle, checking pastures, doctoring cattle and more. There are no set classes each day and the price is for the entire clinic. This gives us more freedom and flexibility to adjust according to the needs of the livestock, the weather, the participants and other considerations. 

At Ranch Clinics, when participants bring young horses to work, we will fit them in as time allows.