Episode 8: Matt Miskie – Oh My Pennsylvania Home

She does what she does, and she’s different every day. Land-a-Goshen. It’s alive and waiting to be ridden, but it’s no animal. In order to really get good at something, you’ve got to be dedicated to it. Where are the last Clydesdales? What’s the deal with marriage? There’s something about riding horses. Listen to folk singer / songwriter Matt Miskie as he and Cal discuss music, losing people you love, kayaking, equine therapy, and much more. 

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Scott Davis, Cal, Matt Miskie, JP Bilbrey
Upper Lehigh River
Matt Miskie - Lehigh River
Abandoned Bridge Pier Upper Lehigh River
High Water Rafting Lehigh River
High Water Guiding Trip - Lehigh River
Kayak Students - Lower Lehigh River
Kayaking Tohickon Creek
Jim Thorpe River Adventures
Ready To Launch - Delaware River
Sunset On The Delaware River
Campsite - Deleware River
Matt and Deb - Wedding Day
Kitchen In Jerome PA - 1981
Madeline, Edward and Monica
Miskie Family
Matt and Deb Miskie
Miskie Family Thanksgiving
Madeline's Doctoral Graduation
Louisville Kentucky Downs
Louisville Kentucky Downs - War Story
Playing a Gig
Pennsylvania Winery Gig
Broadway Grill - Jim Thorpe PA
Fall Foliage Festival - Easton PA
Home Studio
Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort
Quentin Riding Club - Lebanon PA
Riverside Festival of the Arts - Easton PA
Alleghany Mountain Tunnel
Aunt Mary, Grandma and Matt

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