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Episode 26: Polo horses and acting with Raleigh Craighead

The fear of missing out can lead to an exciting decade for an ambitious young man. Pursuing an acting career in New York City, training reining horses in Kansas, living on a beach in Hawaii, becoming a boilermaker in Missouri. Following your heart, making decisions, doing what you love. Keeping up … [Read more...]

Episode 25: Saddles and Horses with Rhonda Martin

Saddle fit expert, equipment consultant, body worker, equine performance massage, saddle dealer, champion competitor, instructor, clinician, Rhonda Martin of Equine Mechanix, visits with Cal about saddles, body work and more.How to measure a saddle properly. Physical literacy with horses. Custom … [Read more...]

Episode 24: Dr Rowe, “Never, ever give up!”

Cutting edge research in neuroscience. How does it relate to your life? Why does the public distrust modern medicine? Should we all be on an auto immune protocol diet? How did they find a “kidney safe” contrast dye? Treating Issues such as Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. A doctor who flys a … [Read more...]

Episode 23: The voice of the American West, Dave Stamey

What does an artist owe to the world? How deep do your bona fides go? What does the world owe to an artist? What happened to the lost novels of Dave Stamey? What is the journey like from a campfire singer on a cowboy crew to WMA Entertainer of the Year? How long will we continue to put people into … [Read more...]

Episode 22: Fawn Anderson, on Working Together

What is natural about horsemanship? What do u do when someone disagrees with you? Canadian born horsewoman speaks about life and learning through horses. Searching for something beautiful without knowing it. Learning from those who oppose you, and working together with all different types. Always … [Read more...]

Episode 21: Joe Humphreys, The living legend of Fly Fishing

Known by some as Mr. Conservation, Joe Humphreys is 90 yrs young, and he is still passionate about fishing, hunting, the sport of wrestling, and life in general. He caught his first trout at six years old; the fish was hooked, and so was he. Joe learned from the fish themselves, and he studied the … [Read more...]

Episode 20: A big gun, a great horse, and a dog, with Sheri Spader.

Should women be allowed to work in agriculture? How important is resiliency? Moving on when times are tough. Utilizing each persons’ skills in your family operation. Be an advocate for your child, and sometimes your child can be an advocate and a pioneer for others. Work ethic. Producing good … [Read more...]

Episode 19: “Hats off to the real Cowboys!” – with reining superstar Shawn Flarida

The difference in a horse trainer and a cowboy. Showing up a few min after the others, when you're the boss. Struggling with a family crisis. Building a legacy in the horse training business. How many spare tires do you travel with? Telling jokes from the back of the van. Nothing like a state fair. … [Read more...]

Episode 18: Jayce Tingler – A career in baseball

Do something that sucks every day. Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. What’s happening now is preparation for what’s happening now.Choosing a career in sports. Remembering where you came from. Jayce Tingler is the asst. General Manager of the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team, as … [Read more...]

Episode 17: Brett Spader and the KC Ranch Horse Classic

;Brett Spader has just accepted a new position as the President of Angus Media. Listen to him and Cal discuss their annual event in Kansas City, working in the livestock marketing industry, college days, agriculture and technology, family farms, cattle dogs, and much more.Go here to learn more about … [Read more...]