Episode 21: Joe Humphreys, The living legend of Fly Fishing

Known by some as Mr. Conservation, Joe Humphreys is 90 yrs young, and he is still passionate about fishing, hunting, the sport of wrestling, and life in general. He caught his first trout at six years old; the fish was hooked, and so was he. Joe learned from the fish themselves, and he studied the stream his entire life. He learned from some of the greats before him, and he taught a countless number of students. He has traveled the globe fishing in world championship competitions, yet he still helps beginners, college students, veterans, and children right here in his hometown in Central Pennsylvania.

He once stalked a 34 inch, 16-pound brown trout for three years before catching it, and he still holds many records today. Joe is a published author, an award-winning teacher, an accomplished wrestler and coach for Penn State, he has been an accomplished fly tier, a husband, a father, and is still an inspiration to many.

Joe had his own show on ESPN and was one of the first to bring fly fishing to the big screen, and now because of him, it is also being brought to the silver screen. The award-winning new documentary entitled “Live the Stream, the story of Joe Humphreys” is available for pre-purchase today and is released worldwide on Nov 5th, 2019 www.livethestreamfilm.com.

Listen to Joe as he talks of active learning, passion, life, teaching, choices, love, and loss. I hope you enjoy getting to know Joe Humphreys on this episode of the Horses and Life Podcast and be sure to listen to the bonus material on patreon.

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