Episode 23: The voice of the American West, Dave Stamey

What does an artist owe to the world? How deep do your bona fides go? What does the world owe to an artist? What happened to the lost novels of Dave Stamey? What is the journey like from a campfire singer on a cowboy crew to WMA Entertainer of the Year? How long will we continue to put people into labels and stereotypes? What radio station does Dave Stamey like the most? Montana winters for a California girl. Putting in your own work in order to appreciate your own life. A train ride with Tom Russell and Andy Hedges. Accepting all songs, so the great ones keep coming. A flip phone, a computer and a typewriter, sit on a table. Find something you love to do, and see what happens next. Keep your boat floating, and be nice. Listen to Dave and Cal discuss all this and more. More about Dave Stamey…

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