Episode 16: “It’s been a life” – A conversation with seasoned horsewoman Rosslyne Galbraith

It was the early 90’s, my husband had passed away, I was 51 years old and I was ready for an adventure on the other side of the world.

In the 80’s I was a woman selling bulls to cattlemen, which is not an easy life.

In the 70’s I owned and managed over 100 horses and a riding stable near Lake Michigan.

In the 60’s I was on the road with my husband Alex Galbraith, who was an icon in the draft horse industry.

In the 50’s I was working 7 days a week at the riding stable I would later own.

In the 40’s I picked up pop bottles after school to have enough money to ride horses on the weekends.

I was born in the 30’s in Chicago, Illinois. I learned to work hard. I’ve loved animals. I raised an amazing daughter. I have a wonderful story and amazing memories from the life I’ve lived. Some people call me an inspiration. My friends just call me “Roz”.

Listen to Cal and Rosslyne Galbraith ramble on and on about standardbred races in Italy, brangus cattle, pony thieves, equine competitions, the NFL, Cal’s grandparents, and much, much more.

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