Horsemanship Clinics

A clinic with Cal is a very unique opportunity. Cal offers instructions and demonstrations amidst a fun filled, information packed, group learning environment.

The knowledge that Cal shares to his open minded students has taken him years to attain and he gives it at a reasonable rate, and in an easily understood manner. He gives his knowledge out of his kindness and willingness to help horses and people, never from a vantage of power or pride.

Cal teaches others to the best of his ability so they can learn to have a true understanding of the horse and it’s needs. With his background in performance horse training and showing, dressage, as well as his understanding of true horsemanship and his rural roots, Cal’s clinics offer something that no other trainer or clinician out there has to offer.

Cal’s attitude and implementation of being a never ending student makes it easy for him to understand and relate to those who attend his clinics. Because of his experience dealing with troubled children and their teachers and parents, Cal’s understanding of behavior in animals, as well as people is rare and something that is hard to put a price on.

What to expect at a CM Clinic

  • Your clinic host will provide directions and answer any specific questions you may have about the venue, stalls, parking, accommodations, etc.
  • Each clinic is unique and will vary upon which classes are offered and how it is structured.
  • Clinics Generally start at 9am with a lunch break around noon, followed by the next class which ends by 4/5pm depending on the clinic and number of riders.
  • Questions are always welcomed and Cal will take whatever time necessary to help each horse and rider from where they are at. Cal will advance the most troubled horse and rider without slowing down those who are ready to move on in their skill set.

Classes Offered
The class descriptions below are guidelines for the classes and each is subject to change to better fit the group of horses or riders at any particular clinic. Just as with a horse planning ahead is a good idea but noticing the current need is always the most important.

In the foundation class there will be ground work as well as riding and Cal will help people understand the link between the two. Riding is not necessary in this class. This class will move rather methodically and will give people an opportunity to understand the foundation that is needed each and every time a horse is worked. This is a class that all riders must attend before moving on to any other.
Ground Work, Walking, Trotting.

The horsemanship class includes only mounted work and can help people begin to understand transitions, shape, softness and balance which can lead to collection. In this class Cal will discuss getting control of the horses body, as well as getting a horse comfortable with whatever is asked. Learning to work as a team and using partners to improve each horse and rider is often a part of this class.
Walking, Trotting, some Loping.

Advanced Riding
This is a fast paced class with attention on many details. In advanced riding Cal may help riders with collection, one handed riding, lead departures, upper level transitions, lead changes, dealing with obstacles and more. This class will help get a horse ready for a job as well as preparing a horse in general for many styles of competitions.
Walking, Trotting, Loping.

Western Dressage
In this class Riders can learn to have a better understanding of the sport of Western Dressage as well as just a better understanding of proper movement and balance of their horses. A Dressage arena may be set up and used to discuss patterns and showing.
Walking, Trotting, Loping.

Intro to Cattle
This class is about introducing people and horses to basic cattle work. The philosophy of cattle work and reason are an important part of this class. Intro to Cattle Work can allow riders to safely and smoothly gain some experience in the arena working around cattle. Live cattle to be used when available. Mechanical cow may be used some also.
Walking, Trotting.

This class is for those interested in the sport of reining. Attention will given to preparing and schooling horses for reining competitions and working on reining maneuvers. Cal will share insight from the viewpoint of an NRHA judge as well as a reining competitor, always keeping the horses’ needs at the forefront.

Working Cow Horse
For those interested in the working cow horse event. Cal will discuss the reined work as well as herd work, boxing, fence work and circling a cow. Attention will be given to preparing the horses for competitions and understanding the sport of working cow horse.
Mostly Loping.

Colt Starting
Cal will help advanced riders start and/or restart green or troubled horses. Putting the first ride on a green horse is something that is often taken for granted and overlooked. Based on his years of experience and what he has learned from his mentors before him, Cal is a wealth of knowledge to draw from. In this class he will help people try to do what’s best for the horse as well as what is safe for the riders, all the while giving the spectators something incredible to see.
Walking, Trotting, Loping.

Cattle Working
The cow working class will offer riders a chance to learn cow working skills to be used in a real world environment. Cal will discuss the skills needed to work cattle with a horse and will give insight on working together to accomplish the job.
Walking, Trotting, Loping.