Episode 7: Will Ride for Food

“After Meeting Ray Hunt I knew two things for sure.” Race horse legends Easy Jet, Go Man Go, Rocket Wrangler. Cal has a new redshirt freshman co-host to introduce this podcast episode. On the episode Terry Smith talks about working on a Texas ranch in 40’s. Learning about horses and dogs from your … [Read more...]

Episode 6: Coach the child, not the sport

What is the problem with youth sports? Is physical literacy as important as reading? Why do kids need to fail? What should you say to kids after a game? Why do 70% of kids quit sports before age 13? What can we do to start kids on a healthy and active path for their life? Should kids specialize in … [Read more...]

Episode 1: Never, ever, ever give up learning!

Cal has an interesting conversation about human brains, music, horses, and more with neurologist Dr. Vernon Rowe.  Rowe Neurology Institute Doctor Rowe - The Neurology Doc Whirlybird Press   Download Podcast Are you enjoying the Horses and Life podcast, and would you like to see it … [Read more...]