“I just completed an awesome weekend at the Cal Middleton Training Clinic at Due West Arena. It was definitely not the easy stuff you see on those DVD’s and TV shows. Cal’s approach is to observe the horse and rider, identify development opportunities, use those learnings in multiple professional rides, and then wrap things up with the horse and rider putting it all together. The time Cal spent answering questions and working with each of us at the clinic was unprecedented. If you get the chance, you have to participate in one of these unique educational events. Thank you Cal, the training staff, and my classmates.”
Dan Keil DVM, PhD
Spring Hill, KS

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a Cal Middleton Reining Clinic. It was such an enjoyable day of instruction that no one even minded the summer heat! Cal is a gifted trainer, showman and clinician and has the innate ability, not only to see what the horse and/or rider may be doing wrong, but to explain how to correct it in a way that even a novice can understand and execute. He has the unique ability to see where a horse and rider are and builds on that foundation with more patience and understanding than I have ever encountered. Cal takes the time to get to know both horse and rider with such approachability that you’re instantly at ease and always makes time to listen and offer words of encouragement. Cal is an honest, upstanding trainer who has the knowledge and capability to take you and your horse exactly where you want to go. If you’re looking for a trainer whose character, ability and work ethic is second to none, Cal Middleton is your man. “
~Lisa Hanson, Oklahoma

“I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Cal at a reining clinic of his this summer. I am at a point with my horse where he’s got a decent foundation but we needed some fine tuning, tweaking and polishing and that’s exactly what Cal gave us. He has a gift for seeing what level a horse and rider are at and working up from there. Not only does he build confidence in what the horse and rider do well but also pushes the limits with them a LITTLE bit to show them what they are capable of. He’s got plenty of tools in his pocket and when he hands them out, it’s like Christmas! Cal is very talented and offers easy to understand instruction. I’m looking forward to working more with my horse on the new drills and techniques he has showed me, and I’m hoping to be able to sneak down for some lessons or more clinics in the future. I only wish he lived closer!”
~Liz Byrne of Crete Nebraska

“I am a 56 yr old that has been around horses most of my life. In the past 20 years I have owned four horses that my kids rode since they were babies. Last summer I met Cal when he brought a customer over to look at a horse my son had for sale. Since then I have had the opportunity to take lessons on and off from Cal. I had no idea how wrong I had been riding for the past twenty years. With only a few lessons, my horse and I were riding 110 percent better. Just this last weekend I was able to show my 12yr old horse in an introduction to reining fun show. I would, in no way, have been able to do this without Cal’s training. We ran the pattern (not perfect) but we did score a 65, won a ribbon, and had a great time. “
~Kyle Myers

“When Cora got interested in riding, we went to Cal. He taught her the fundamentals of horse care and riding. He also got her horse, Sonya, in shape for having a beginner on her. Cora has now been in a parade and showmanship classes. She is having a blast riding Sonya. Thanks Cal.”
~Cora and Jennifer Holdsworth

“Our first encounter with Cal Middleton and his expertise regarding horsemanship and training was about 4 years ago when my husband surprised me with a horse he bought from Cal for my birthday. She was one of his saddlebred’s and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She was 2 years old and sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail. I was ready to get on her and ride the next day, even though I had not been on a horse since I was very young. Cal had his work cut out for him, trying to explain to me my horse needed “training”, and not only did she need training, but I needed training. It was evident that my safety (and the horse’s) was the most important thing to Cal. He had a very difficult job trying to get me to understand that this young horse was NOT the horse for me. He began his personalized plan to meet my specific needs and challenged to make me understand that she was not the horse for me. He is a very honest person, and his brutal honesty might have hurt my feelings initially but quite possibly probably saved my life in the long run. If Cal says it, I believe it. That is one of Cal’s greatest strengths in dealing with anyone, whether it is a client, a friend, an employer or employee. He has the amazing and uncanny ability to analyze each situation and assess what is the best approach for everyone. With great ease he knows his client’s potential and immediately begins making a training plan or agenda for the client and horse. This ability allows him to teach the client and horse at their highest learning potential, and all the time challenging them and the horse to learn but again keeping safety number one. Cal has the unique ability to communicate on many levels, he can teach the very young to the older clients, and those who have never ridden a horse to those who have been riding all their lives. His ability to educate, train or assist anyone on any level is an unbelievable talent. Cal will do the same with his sponsor’s. He will familiarize himself with your company/business and use his expertise to serve you in the maximum way possible to assist you in meeting your goals and potential. This is his goal and promise. “
~Garry and Carla Powell

“Cal has done a wonderful job teaching our grandkids about horses and how to ride. Camden and Emma ask dozens of questions, and Cal is always very patient. Camden and Emma enjoy riding Rose, their lesson horse, and always look forward to their lessons with Cal.“
~Lee and Mim Simpson