Meet the Team

Cal has a lot of people that stand in his corner helping him succeed and also allowing him to help others reach their potential. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and below are some of the people who take part in that work.


Levi Mitchell from Watts, OK came to do an internship in the summer of 2013. He continued to work for Cal the next 2 summers as he finished college. He also spent a winter break in Scottsdale, AZ where Cal was working for the winter.

Levi received an Associates Degree in Farm and Ranch Management from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and followed that up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

After graduating in Dec 2014, Levi became Cal’s assistant trainer in March 2015.


Rhonda Martin – Equine Sports Massage Therapy and saddle fitting expert. – 816-645-6838